24-Hour Maintenance Information

In case of an after-hour emergency please contact the regular office. An answering service will take your call and relay it to maintenance staff.

Please only use the twenty-four-hour maintenance service for emergencies only. Unless there is risk to your health in some way it's unlikely that you'll need this service in the middle of the night. The reasons that are accepted as an emergency are:

Flooding: Overflowing toilets, dripping through ceiling or burst pipes, etc.

Fire: Always call 911 first.

Lockouts: $20 charge if you are assisted with a lockout after hours.

Heating Problems If there is no heat or hot water.

For non-emergencies, please make a normal maintenance request.

Appliance Use


Do not use regular dish soap in dishwasher, over-suds and causes a mess.
Scrape all dishes free of food debris before loading machine.
Clean the bottom of the dishwasher and remove any debris to prevent clogging.

Washing Machine

Empty any pockets on your clothes, this avoids stains on your clothes and other people's as well as other issues.
Never over load machine, this could cause damage to clothing or the machine.
Do not leave clothes unattended for long periods of times, this can be inconvenient for others.


Doo not over load the machine.
Clean out lint trap before each use to avoid longer drying times, damage to the machine and fires.
Do not leave clothing unattended for long periods of time, this can be inconvenient for others.

Parking Information

Partking is for TENANT USE ONLY

Violators may be towed at their own expense. If you have guests they must find their own parking.
(See city of Oneonta parking regulations for more information)

Pet Information

Apartments are pet-friendly.

All pets must first be cleared with landlord.
A pet agreement must be filled out and the pet security paid in full.

Dogs:$200 each
Cats:$100 each

All dogs must be on a leash outside of apartment and messes must be picked up and disposed of.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do about cable and internet?

All apartments are already run for Time Warner Cable. Ryan Gould is the sales representative and his direct number is: (518) 337-1439.
He offers fast and free installation and up-front after-tax pricing.

What if I need to terminate my lease?
If you need to terminate a lease you are responsible for the full terms and conditions of the lease unless a replacement is found. We will assist in the process by advertising the apartment or roommate situation but you are ultimately responsible for finding a replacement or paying the remainder of the lease.

If I a replacement is found, then you must contact our office and we will set up and appointment for both of you. The tenant will sign on and you will sign off, and you will receive your security back after the replacement tenant pays their security in full. If you find yourself in this situation, please call the office for further assistance or explanation.

What do I do if I lose my keys and cannot get into my apartment? If you lose your keys and cannot get into your apartment please call the office. If it is during office hours we will assist you for free. If it's after hours or on the weekend you will speak to our answering service. Please provide the following:

Your full name

Your phone number

your apartment address

After you call to report a lock out please wait nearby for maintenance.

Each new key is $5 as well as $20 for after-hour and weekend lock-outs.